ITC Pub Quizzes- Delhi 3/4

This is Part 3 of the 4 part review of the ITC Pub quizzes held in 4 cities across the country. In Part 1, we covered Kolkata. In Part 2, Pune. Today we cover Delhi, South Delhi to be precise. Here goes. March kept Delhi ‘Beer’ Belly lovers at the edge of their seats and… Continue reading ITC Pub Quizzes- Delhi 3/4

ITC Pub Quizzes- Pune 2/4

After following up with Avaneendra for over two months, I finally have the review for the Pune edition of the Pub Quizzes. The Kolkata edition review here. Here’s the review from Pune: We did 8 quizzes spread across 2 weeks, for ITC. The quizzes were to promote a marketing platform called “Infinite Experiences” Our exposure… Continue reading ITC Pub Quizzes- Pune 2/4

ITC Pub Quizzes- Kolkata 1/4

We did a series of Pub Quizzes for ITC. In my opinion (and research), this was the first time a non-liquor brand did pub quizzes in India. Note the lack of usage of the term sponsored. Instead of us approaching a brand and convincing them about this new-kid-on-the-block social drinking phenomena, it was ITC who… Continue reading ITC Pub Quizzes- Kolkata 1/4

Severe Nailing at I FAQ

Being peace loving but hate instigating quizmasters (ask our participants), switching between the days of staging I FAQ (from a Thursday to a Sunday and soon to change again) was merely to ensure no clashing with the surprise protests of the Annas and Ramdevs. But surprisingly, they aligned their thoughts with us i.e. enjoying an… Continue reading Severe Nailing at I FAQ

Thursday Trivia 17.0

It has been a news heavy period. The monsoons threatening showers throughout their season and giving Anna Hazare company in their act of PMS-ing and resistance. Heavily diabetic Arvind Kejriwal survives a 5 day fast and promises to go on for another 20 (a Guinness record attempt for a diabetic) Mayawati abstains from speech inspite… Continue reading Thursday Trivia 17.0

Thursday Trivia 16.0: A review

A packed house with teams scrambling for tables and the QM jostling for space sure gives away our marketing potential but… wait for it… there was more. Plagued by the absence of a projector and few of the regulars, ensured new winners and fans. With mind boggling team names like “Tormenting Thumbelinas” to the uber… Continue reading Thursday Trivia 16.0: A review

Thursday Trivia 15.0: A review

Friday, October 28, 2011, a day of surprises, pleasant and otherwise: Thursday Trivia happened got cancelled! Our projector lost colour! Quiz Bingo came down to 2 teams! Team Vakil lost! An all girls’ team WON! A semi-drunk maiden fell through the false ceiling! YES! Metallica’s stage being broken wasn’t the only trending topic on twitter.… Continue reading Thursday Trivia 15.0: A review

Tuesday Trivia I: A review

Coming out of the closet we were and come out of the closet did we! So what if people didn’t come out of their houses to Manajsa at first. Being Gandhians (Varun clan), we won’t lie. The first Pub Quiz at Manajsa, Tuesday Trivia I started an hour late but sans any compromise to the… Continue reading Tuesday Trivia I: A review

Thursday Trivia 14.0

Irrespective of the fact that Navratra was going on Thursday Trivia managed to draw a decent number of guests for the quiz. There were 8 teams, namely; Macho Pencho Rancho, God4saken, Bar Stewards, Wild Booze Chase, Vini Vedi Vici, Chhamak Chhallos, Vakils and Cerebral Jugglers. Vakils, our regular participants and also our regular winners stole… Continue reading Thursday Trivia 14.0