Tuesday Trivia I: A review

Coming out of the closet we were and come out of the closet did we! So what if people didn’t come out of their houses to Manajsa at first. Being Gandhians (Varun clan), we won’t lie. The first Pub Quiz at Manajsa, Tuesday Trivia I started an hour late but sans any compromise to the fun and excitement involved. The tables, wall décor and musician inspired interiors brought alive the theme of the quiz “ROCK POP SCISSORS” aka MUSIC. Sheets handed, rules explained, the DJ was told to take a hike and Tuesday Trivia I was *drum roll* kickstarted. 2 rounds of fun filled trivia ranging from Headbanging styles to Doggie-style, from Sex Bomb to James Bond, MJ to Calvin, Manajsa opened up to a polite applause. In no way did the bucket of beers or the bottle of champagne contribute to the anticipation or inquisitiveness of the crowd. It was truly the quizzer’s soul at work and a bit of photography by a patron who was hell-bent on winning as well! And win he did, the 1st round solo. Too bad his friends turned up as soon as the bucket of 5 beers was handed to him. The start of round 2 was a lot more energetic with the crowd accepting a foreign ugly body (me) in their midst. Taunts and jabs were flying like bullets in a battlefield which lightened the spirits while the same were consumed excessively. The guess of a pretty damsel called Shane Warne by a pretty gentleman in formals turned the polite applause to a full crowd cheer. A well-competed 2nd round with answers being shouted out brought the quiz to a nail-biting finish. Vakil emerged winners, scoring an 8 with a total of 10 which clinched them the bubbly. Appreciation for the new format came in and hopefully we shall be hitting Manajsa sooner than soon. Well, who wouldn’t want to embarrass themselves for the bubbly! Till next time, we hope the sex ratio remains as skewed towards the fairer sex as it was.\m/ P.S- It is I who knows the answers and I, the one who shall sneak into your beer bucket as compensation! *hint* Some Qs from the quiz- 1. Author Jeff Deaver is posing with the title of his latest book Carte Blanche, the thirty-seventh book of its kind. Who is the protagonist? null 2. First a Labrador was tried and then a Golden Retriever but they were too big. Next a Fox Terrier was tried but it lacked energy. What was tried next?