What We Do

First, a little backstory..

Our journey began with an inter-school quiz in Delhi in 2009 as a one-off event when we had no idea that there will be a second quiz. But, as it turned out, the quiz went well and was widely appreciated. And then, one of the attendees enquired if we could do a quiz for them. Boom – Quiz #2. And then quiz #3 and then one more and then one more and now we here.
Traveling from one event to the next and working on its content in the interim period is a thoroughly enjoyable experience but the monotonous nature of it coupled with the inconvenience of being on the move meant we had to expand our gamut of offerings.

And so..

Over the years we have diversified from just conducting quizzes to doing content of various kinds on for a wide-variety of end use. We now operate in 6 distinct domains.

Quizzes & Quiz Workshops

Quizzes for corporates, pubs, schools, and colleges. And workshops for school students to learn the tricks of getting better at quizzes

Content Writing & Marketing

Content that informs, communicates and entertains. And finding the right channels for its distribution

India Launch Research & Plan

Bringing media brands to India by assisting in appropriate launch strategy, and localized content

Website & App Development

Building campaign specific apps & websites for SMART (Specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and time-bound) marketing 

Translation & Voice Over

Providing translation and voice over for advertisements to books to health journals in multiple Indian languages 

Podcast & Video Editing

Helping individuals and brands to produce top quality podcasts and videos with state-of-the-art production tools