IT Quest- Jaipuria School, Kanpur

Taking a leaflet from Vikram Joshi’s book I’ll start with a pie chart of the distribution of topics the quiz covered. Content Distribution Having conducted the IT Quest last year as well I had a fairly good idea of the standard of questions that I had to keep in this quiz. And as it turned out I wasn’t far off from my calculations. The teams that qualified for the finals were- VSEC, DPS, Methodist High (All Kanpur), Jaipuria, Modern and St. Fidelis(All Lucknow). Jaipuria(the sister concern of the host school) made a solid start in the first round, amassing 30 points out of a possible 60. They continued with their fine performance in the subsequent rounds where they maintained a steady lead till the end of the quiz. With a nail-biting finish in the offing, after the penultimate question there were three teams who were in the fray for the second and the third spot. The scorecard before the final question(worth 15 points on the buzzer) read as follows- VSEC- 30, DPS- 40 and St. Fidelis- 40 with Jaipuria enjoying an unassailable lead with 60, Modern at 20 and Methodist High languishing at the bottom with 15. And what an anti-climax it was, with everybody failing to answer the last question but a certain audience member. The game went on to a tie-breaker between DPS and St. Fidelis. Both teams were so unwilling to risk the second position that they did not even take a chance at the Minister of Communications and IT (The question I asked to resolve the tie breaker). Being a tad disappointed with the safety first strategy I asked them for a topic they hated the least for the second tie breaker question. They gave me Web Languages and I gave them Ada Lovelace, St. Fidelis being the first one on the buzzer grabbed the second spot. Final Scores: Jaipuria- 60, St. Fidelis- 41, DPS- 40 Some questions from the quiz: 1. A ___X___, also Scaly Anteater or Trenggiling, is a mammal with large keratin scales covering its skin. It is found in tropical regions of Africa and Asia. Its name ___X___ derives from the Malay word for ‘something that rolls up’ Decipher X? 2. Amazon: Kindle :: iRiver: Story :: Sony: Reader Touch :: Samsung: ??