Tuesday Trivia 1

Tuesday Trivia 1 @Manajsa Sound check on the left monitors please!! Coming out of the closet HAS to be the punchline of the decade. No wonder QryptiQ decided to do so too! From the protected walls of Café Oz, we are out to rock Manajsa for another Billboard blasting journey of ROCK POP SCISSORS. A pub quiz with a headbanging difference, making sure you get your Nickels Back through the winnings of food and liquor while you sip your Maroon (5) coloured wine and use the Matchbox (20) to light up those cigars and take out your Rage against the Delhi traffic. The Top Guns at QryptiQ are here with Tuesday Trivia I, a music themed pub quiz, taking you through an Oasis full of Beatles, introducing you to the Killer (s) (starring Emraan Hashmi), the Stones (Rollingwale) and the Poets (of the Fall, DUH!) WHAT– ROCK POP SCISSORS, a music themed pub quiz WHERE– Manajsa, G-12, CH Dilip Singh Marg, Hauz Khas, New Delhi – 110016 WHEN– Tuesday, October 11th 2011 at 2100 hours (a very Green Day for a pub quiz) WHY– Because Delhiites love to show that they got moves like Jagger! HOW MUCH– Manajsa patrons get backstage passes AKA FREE FREE FREE Vocalist – Deshan “Barry Tone” Tucker We do not hope, we know you will go “Mamma Mia” by the end of it. The QryptiQ promise, your mother’s swear! So be there if you’ve ever been to such a concert Else be there to smell a quizzer’s spirit, not just a teen’s! Don’t forget to mark your attendance here