Thursday Trivia 14.0

Irrespective of the fact that Navratra was going on Thursday Trivia managed to draw a decent number of guests for the quiz. There were 8 teams, namely; Macho Pencho Rancho, God4saken, Bar Stewards, Wild Booze Chase, Vini Vedi Vici, Chhamak Chhallos, Vakils and Cerebral Jugglers. Vakils, our regular participants and also our regular winners stole the show this time too winning every round but one and as a result were left with more prizes than they could consume. Superb stuff, great consistency guys, we are yet to find a challenger for you. Amongst the rest of the teams Macho Pencho Rancho won the Early 5 round and went back home with their heads held high. And for the others- there’s always a next time. Some of the questions from the quiz: 1. Giorgia Boscolo, 23, overcame one of Italy’s last all-male bastions that has kept the trade all-male for 900 years to become the world’s first woman ______? 2. What five letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?