Participants Testimonials

‘It was a good exposure and many question throw by the quiz master were excellent'[sic]- Anant Raj Singh, Thapar University ‘Excellent quiz i have to say'[sic]- Manu Abbi, Hansraj College ‘I wanna congratulate you for being such an amazing host. The best part of your job was the level of interaction you had with the participants and the audience. Kudos to you.'[sic]- Gauravi Saini, Gargi College ‘First of all, I would like to congratulate on a job well done. You have evolved as a quizmaster from your quizing days. The show was splendid and entertaining. You really made the quiz entertaining and your uncanny humour added to it.'[sic]- Rahul Pradhan, Kirorimal College ‘I did enjoy the quiz.The questions were quite interesting….Overall a good experience.'[sic]- Himanshi Negi, Lady Sriram College ‘It was a wonderful experience that I had over there….

Try arrived color not all-occasion. It grandmom pretty it’s I really loved your hosting. You were remarkable. I think you knew a lot about all the questions and could explain them very nicely. That made the quiz more realistic.'[sic]- Jyovita Christie, Nirma University ‘According to my opinion the quiz was conducted in very well mannered way, the question asked was also very interesting.all over i liked the management of the quiz very much.'[sic]- Mariya K, Nirma University ‘The quiz is quite good and questions are also very interesting and we enjoyed much'[sic]- Daxesh Patel, Hiramani School, Ahmedabad ‘Your quiz was interesting, full of humour and knowledgable. I am sure that this style of quizzing will produce better quizzers.'[sic]- Sarthak Batra, Springdales School ‘ I appreciated the Quiz entirely due to its enthralling question bank. The questions were really ones whose answers were fun knowing.'[sic]- Indranil Chakraborty, Delhi College of Engineering