CBSE Heritage India Quiz 2013

We partnered with History TV18 and CBSE to conduct the 13th CBSE Heritage India Quiz 2013. Instead of our team of quizmasters and me writing reviews of these 40 quizzes spread over 27 cities in 8 regions over 40 days, I think it’ll be a good idea to publish the e-mails that I received from… Continue reading CBSE Heritage India Quiz 2013

Participants Testimonials

‘It was a good exposure and many question throw by the quiz master were excellent'[sic]- Anant Raj Singh, Thapar University ‘Excellent quiz i have to say'[sic]- Manu Abbi, Hansraj College ‘I wanna congratulate you for being such an amazing host. The best part of your job was the level of interaction you had with the… Continue reading Participants Testimonials