CBSE Heritage India Quiz 2013

We partnered with History TV18 and CBSE to conduct the 13th CBSE Heritage India Quiz 2013. Instead of our team of quizmasters and me writing reviews of these 40 quizzes spread over 27 cities in 8 regions over 40 days, I think it’ll be a good idea to publish the e-mails that I received from these participants. To those of you, who made the effort to send me e-mails, I’ve replied personally and I would try to implement your suggestions in future quizzes. Thank you.

The National Semi Finals and Finals of the quiz will be telecast in January-February, 2014. Will publish the episodes too 🙂

Sir, The quiz was really enjoyable. The way you conducted it was just great. I got to learn many things. – Shreyansh

Sir, The quiz was a great learning experience.. The answers to almost all the questions could not be found in quiz books so it was a good thing.. One thing which irked me was that I felt that all the teams were not getting equal chance/time to answer as we could not even view the whole question.. The team from XYZ School was answering the questions before the question was displayed fully so it seemed to be an unfair advantage.. There should be a rule that the answers in the buzzer round have to be given only after the question is displayed fully. Overall, it was an enriching experience and as it was my 3rd and last Heritage Quiz, it was memorable to reach the city semi-finals.(my best being city finals in 2011).. – Mayank

Respected Sir, The quiz was really very good but there were a few things I would like to bring to your attention, although I didn’t qualify for the finals. The prelims were easily workable but the level, according to me was not that much, which must be there for a National level Quiz. I also want to appreciate the type of rounds in the city finals. The way you conducted the quiz was really appreciable and this style should also be encouraged by the other well-known quiz masters of the country. The quiz was really enjoyable and I would recommend only one thing that is coming up with amazing and mind-blowing questions. Some were there in your quiz , but it would be appreciated if all the questions are so amazing and awesome. I would like you to include more facts and untold stories in your more quizzes in the future, which blows away a participant’s mind ! I hope you would understand me and I’m looking forward to more of your quizzes. Just one small request, whenever you are conducting any quiz in Delhi, the please just send a mail to me , because I want to attend more of your quizzes and I would love to do that !!! Please reply, if you get time to do that and tell , that how did you find my suggestions ! – Mayank

Respected Sir, The quiz was conducted very well and I am happy to say that it was easily one of the better managed ones. However How am I supposed to prepare for a quiz like this. Sir given that the result for me was far from satisfactory , I would like to ask you how can I prepare for quizzes like this ? All in all It was a great show . I look forward to coming back again next year. – Abhiraj

The quiz was very interesting. I enjoyed it. Questions were really very good! The only thing I didn’t like was that we couldn’t make it to the third round. 🙂 And that’s it. You were also really very good as a quiz master. – Aashima

I have personally not been a part of many quiz competitions in the past, mostly because they were conducted in a boring fashion. But I found this one particularly interesting and inspiring, second only to the TCS IT Wiz Quiz Competition at IIT Delhi, which I also had the opportunity to attend for the first time. I feel really proud of having qualified to go onstage and coming third – despite the fact that I could not go further. In fact, my whole team found the quiz and trivia questions fabulous and at par with the expected difficulty level. Sir, once again thank you for hosting the quiz so wonderfully. It was an enriching experience. – Deepannita

the quiz was enjoyable and questions were interesting . i like the rounds of stage round and ques pattern. overall quiz was awesome and thnx to respected quiz master . bt i wish to know the ques of other rounds. – Gaurav

Quiz was great sir but acc. to me there should be a specified syllabus for the quiz.That’s all. – Aman

I am a participant from XYZ;. Sir, I would like to thank you for the exquisite and remarkable standard of the quiz, it was just mindblowing and highly addictive. The greatest speciality in your quiz was the completely fair marking scheme, fantastic (as you say)!!! The reason for liking the quizzes conducted was the outstanding questions put up which were adorned by the visuals and the audios, making them more and more creative. Only one thing I didn’t like was the last round of the last and final quiz (survival of the fittest), as it was too harsh on our already lagging team at the finals!!! We were left with almost no chance, though, it would be unfair for us as students to put up such discrepancies just because we couldn’t do with it. All in all, it was a remarkable experience and the advent of quizzing has encroached upon my mind, helping me explore new worlds!!! I am surely coming in the next CBSE Heritage Quiz and it would be grateful to see you as our Quizmaster again, indeed!!!

Thank You very much sir for giving us this fair platform. Thank You for all your questions. – Neelanjan

Really I liked the way you conducted the quiz . My friends were amazed by your knowledge and the audience questions were fabulous. – Shashank

It was Really Awesome Experience for me your oratory skills are fantastic really you inspired me a lot because i too want make my career in media where public speaking and confidence is requires it was really awesome experience … Ujjwal

Hi! I think the quiz was fantastic and the choice of questions was also commendable. You really did pick questions from all the possible genres and yet it was all related to the heritage of the country so good job there! We really missed it by a whisker… that’s what my teammates think. So yeah, I liked the quiz. It was enjoyable and I think a quiz host should be interactive and funny so brownie points there again…. looking forward to the next year’s quiz. J – Upasha

Dear sir, The heritage quiz was wonderful experience. The variety as well as the quality of question was great and the rounds were innovative.However the one thing that requires improvement is the difficulty level of questions in rounds in which each team gets a specific question. Apart from that, the questions required thinking and one thing that my teammates and i agreed on was that textbook knowledge was useless. The quiz was more about how much you have traveled India and how much you know about its culture and that i think that was the quiz’s strong point. The way your conducted the quiz was admirable and I as an enthusiastic quizzer aspire to one day be like you. Thank you for an amazing experience! – Aditya

Sir, The quiz was good, with a mixture of questions of all levels. It was an enjoyable quiz and the questions were answerable. The prelims were perfect, just as they should be. Out of 25, the average score was around 13 which was really good. However, personally I feel that the main round had certain questions which were very obvious and should not have been asked. Also, I feel that the infinite bounce round should be avoided and instead there should be normal passing round. Infinite bounce brings luck into play. Overall the quiz was much more enjoyable and intense than last years. Certain questions were very informative and original and it was an enriching experience – Shyam

It was a remarkable and a nice quiz although my school ended up in losing.It was named as heritage quiz and therefore we were not really aware that old movies and names of cricket stadiums would also come . We had prepared for the natural and the built heritage and I do not think we went wrong over-there.It was probably the first time our school participated in this competition and we were disappointed at the end of the day.We are ready to rectify our mistakes,to improve and to participate again the next year and to take up your challenging questions with pleasure and quite ease.- Pulkit

It was a wonderful experience to be in the quiz keeping apart that we lost as its the part of the game.You as a quizmaster did it really good and performed to best of my expectations. One thing which I disliked was just that the first round was not appropriately balanced. Their were audio questions to only a few and not everyone which gives an extra edge to those who didn’t have to face it. Overall the quiz was remarkably well and I would like to further participate in any of your quizzes.Therefore its my humble request to update me of your quizzes so that i can quench my thirst for quizzing. – Ankit

“Outstanding!! The Quiz, was an event that could be enjoyed for as long as you wished but unfortunately there was a time limit…. Questions were completely balanced, equal opportunity to overtake the opponent was given, fun and spice prevailed, nerve stopping experience. Quizzing brilliance at its best. @Ajay Poonia personally I loved the #Banarasia question and your way of fusing categories.. Great effort!!!” – Ashu

Hi Sir, I really liked ur quiz as the level of ques. involved was realy gud, and the way u conducted was also commendable. – Ujjwal

Dear Ajay Sir, We came second in the regional round. I really enjoyed the quiz which you had made, and unlike most other quizzes, it made me and my group scratch our heads in puzzlement. I really liked the variety which you put into the questions, which ranged from history to current affairs to music to films. I specially liked the Bollywood questions. The various rounds were very unique and different, and it was tough to adapt to it. But it ensured that all schools got an equal chance to win. There was one round though, titled ‘Chakravyuh’, which put me off, because although we answered many questions, we did not get any points. That was quite exasperating. But overall, contrary to views that history is boring, the Heritage India Quiz was very exciting and fun. More such quizzes should be held in the future – Rahul

Sir,I really enjoyed the quiz. It was a lifetime experience.The questions were thought provoking and we had to search every corner of our brain to seek the answer.One thing which I really liked was the marking scheme , clockwise-anticlockwise questions etc were awesome. In the regional finals the score carried by a passed question increased with each pass as+3 ,+5…… You should not have dropped this in the national finals. Rest everything was fine and the quiz was enjoyable. – Siddhant

Sir,I was fully convinced by the quiz. It was above my expectations when talked about its difficulty level and the level of interest. Yes I was a little unhappy after the quiz because because i couldn’t win. The quiz was quite enjoyable. On thing i didn’t like in the quiz was that we weren’t told that out of which fields the questions would be coming. I think that students should be specified certain topics out of which the questions would come because heritage is such a vast topic that it is very difficult for anyone to cover all the topics. Also i believe that students should e told that the questions would be related to which era or a time interval from which have to prepare. Otherwise the quiz was very good and it had no faults in it. – Saksham

Your hosting was great. it was fun to see you as a host. – Akshay

I liked the quiz very much. It was really wonderful. The way u asked the questions and entertained us was wonderful. Hope u will put another hit soon. Do let me know – Arpit

The quiz was awesome. The questions were good.I liked it a lot.Alas we could have won but no hard feelings.It was enjoyable.I really liked it and it was a learning experience. Personally i would like to request for the notifications of any type of quiz or event which is coming up. and Mr Ajay Poonia ROCKS!!!! He is a fantastic quiz master and host . – Harshit