ITC Pub Quizzes- Pune 2/4

After following up with Avaneendra for over two months, I finally have the review for the Pune edition of the Pub Quizzes. The Kolkata edition review here. Here’s the review from Pune:

We did 8 quizzes spread across 2 weeks, for ITC. The quizzes were to promote a marketing platform called “Infinite Experiences”

Our exposure to pub quizzes was limited to Booze & Brains which used to happen in Pune few years ago. So even though we had not done any pub quizzes in past we did not hesitate to take up this project. We were sure we can deliver what people expect from a pub quiz and this was also the first time that we were collaborating with Qryptiq & Ajay.

Out of the 8 quizzes, 3 were at Irish Pub, 2 each at High Spirits & The New Hidden Place and 1 quiz at Curve. Prizes at stake were T-shirts, Mugs & Beer coupons.

Quizzes at Irish Pub were fun and the response of the people was amazing. The manager did not want to reduce the volume of the music, and it would have been very difficult to ask questions by competing with that level of volume. So, the DJ at the venue set up the PAS in such a way that whenever we spoke into the mike the volume of the music was reduced temporarily. Innovative set up which made both the manager and us happy.

Most of the people who won T-shirts came back to us with a request to give them a different size T-shirt, one the patron who was keenly observing the trend commented may be from the next quiz we should have declaration “We only have middle sized T-shirts, people using any other size may answer at their own risk.”

Hidden place was the most compact but also the most fun venue. Here too manager was not willing to compromise on the volume of the music so we incorporated a music round within the pub quiz. For the first quiz we had set up a screen which kept falling off but instead being a letdown it became an object of amusement for the patrons, I think we can safely blame alcohol for this 🙂 During the second quiz people were shouting to grab our attention so that their table gets to answer the question, after a while it became so loud that the manager had to request them to down You problems about the volume of the music & the manager was very co-operative. The owner was so happy after the response to the first quiz that he sponsored some prizes for the second quiz.

The quiz at the curve was bit disappointing. When we reached the venue there no patrons in the house. We waited almost 90 minutes for people to walk in so that once have enough people we could start the quiz. We finally started late but had good fun with the handful of patrons who were there.

At all the venues we took efforts to make sure it more fun than a “cerebral activity”. The guesses of the people varied from intelligent to downright stupid but we think that that was the point trying to answer the question was more important than getting it right. And added incentive of a free beer always helps.

All in all our efforts were appreciated & most of the people hoped that pub quizzes will keep happening in Pune after this. Many of them gave us their email addresses with a request to send them the photographs of the event!

It was the most fun we have had while working and it was a great learning experience. I hope will work with Ajay sooner than we think.

Thank you Avaneendra, it was a pleasure working with you and Sachin.

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