ICSE Inter School Quizzes 2013 Kanpur

Due to the large number of ICSE board affiliated schools, the Kanpur Zone of the ICSE quizzes are divided in two- North and South Zone. The North Zone quiz was held in Mother Teresa Mission Higher Secondary School which was won comfortably by Swaraj India Public School in the junior as well as the senior category. In the juniors, ICSE category, Chintels School made Swaraj’s ride rougher towards the end as Chintels (and Mercy High) made full use of the buzzers to their advantage. While Swaraj played their game patiently waiting for the others to err, but that wasn’t to be and so at the last question they pressed the buzzer and made the quiz their own.
Final Scores: Swaraj- 43, Chintels- 32, Mercy- 28
North Zone ISC- The senior Swaraj India team faced stiff competition initially from Dr VSEC who made a valiant effort to go for high risk questions (due to limited choice) but unfortunately for them they were able to answer all but one, which meant Swaraj was on course for a landslide victory.
Final Scores: Swaraj- 38, Dr VSEC- 23

In the South Zone there were a total of 32 teams across ICSE and ISC level. The ICSE quiz was won by Seth Anandram Jaipuria, who made early inroads in the quiz, perfect for them to sail through the quiz. They were troubled a bit by VSPS but not so much that their numero uno position would be threatened. Scores- Jaipuria- 38, VSPS- 22.The senior quiz was as lopsided as any can be. The boys from St Aloysius answer 4 questions back to back that were passed across all tables. The progressive scoring doing them a world of good. Scores at the end of first round St Aloysius- 42, VSEC- 16 and Jaipuria- 12. While VSEC was brainfrozen throughout the remainder of the quiz, Jaipuria seniors drew a bit of inspiration from their juniors and tried to challenge Aloysius, but the latter was far too ahead to actually even be bothered by them. Final Scores- St Aloysius- 50, Jaipuria- 27 and VSEC- 12

Some questions from the quizzes-

1. Retelling the original story in an Indian setting, this series was created by Sharad Devarajan with the original publisher. Its characters include-
Aman Raj- The superhero’s alter ego
Meera Jain- His girlfriend
Uncle Bhim- His uncle
Auntie Maya- His Aunt
Which superhero is being talked about?

2. Jawaharlal Nehru asked X to race against Abdul Khaliq in Pakistan. & Y.

3. This is the logo of an act of the Parliament of India that promotes transparency and accountability in the working of every public authority. Identify.

4. An image commonly found on fliers associated with this group. The “suit without a head” represents leaderless organization. What group?