Thursday Trivia 17.0

Thursday Trivia 17.0

It has been a news heavy period.

The monsoons threatening showers throughout their season and giving Anna Hazare company in their act of PMS-ing and resistance.

Heavily diabetic Arvind Kejriwal survives a 5 day fast and promises to go on for another 20 (a Guinness record attempt for a diabetic)

Mayawati abstains from speech inspite of her bust being busted because thankfully her handbag was kept intact.

Olympic rage has caught on with the Indian contingent being conferred with the highest official to sportsperson ratio award.

Not wanting to be left behind in the eyes of the paparazzi, QryptiQ and De Villa are back for your monthly dose of random trivia with THURSDAY TRIVIA 17.0.

Returning after a hiatus of almost 9 months, and NO, we do not have a progeny to boast; the Reservoir Gods at QryptiQ are back with their extremely new, successfully tried and tested, Sri Lanka defeating, socially interacting, Modi hanging, beer belching, Osian loving, alcohol encompassing, grub sharing, network building, prize winning, Wasseypur appreciating pub quiz.

Calling all geeks who drink. The previous sentence is unisexual and so is the quiz!

A word of caution- QryptiQ does not hire Baba Ramdev as event manager for its events so please spread the word and turn up in large numbers. Make this event page radiate more than what the cellphone towers can emanate until the 4G scam!

P.S – For all aforementioned atrocities, they are purely intentional and meant to be taken in the manner they are expressed. Security is the least of our concerns as Chidambaran has promised us the latest warfare from the Gaza Strip!

P.P.S- If Israeli security fails, we have Flipkarted a God Particle cannister!

What- Thursday Trivia 17.0

Where- De Villa, 8A, Hauz Khas Village

When- Thursday, August 9th at 2030hrs

Why- Because it has GODDAMN been a while!!!

How Much- Just a smile (Tell that to the queen)!!!

Theme of the Month- “Aye Aye General” – a general quiz on everything

QM – Ajay “Dr. Quack” Poonia

(We had to call in a Doctor because Deshan busted a knee ligament)

If you wish to spruce up your evening with lots of beer, prizes and random facts, BE THERE!

In case you do not, do not hesitate to contact the undersigned to get convinced.

See you Thursday,

Deshan Tucker- 995 880 6565