Hero Megamind: Level 1 Review [2/2]

Our third pitstop was the religious city of Haridwar, where the plant employees were intrigued with
Megamind 2012 to decide the 6 qualifiers for the finals. The quiz was held in the training hall in the plant itself. Passing through the intense security check gave me a clear idea on the intellectual capital being preserved within the plants’ walls. And I was not disappointed.
The prelims consisted of 21 questions and the lowest team to qualify was at 13, making it one of the
most successful prelims of Megamind 2012. The stage round was fierce, with teams going all out to take risks and jeopardising their compatriots’ scores. The last round of “This or That” took the quiz by storm, bringing in a strategy factor coupled with luck. The team trailing at 5th at the beginning of the round shot a fantastic 16-er, guessing the 4 governors of the RBI, to make it to 2nd place and securing a berth in the finals. One team chose a fantastic approach. Noticing 2 teams were in the negative; it abstained from answering a question and qualified as 4th without a “0” on their scorecard. An unexpected but smart move given the situation.

My prediction for the 4 qualifiers from Head Office, Delhi- Will not give up without a fight. All teams
have it to make it to the stage. From thereon, may the best team win!

We ended the level 1 of Hero Megamind Quiz with Gurgaon. The huge Gurgaon plant had the maximum participation out of all four establishments. Huge participation meant the training hall, that was the venue for the quiz, found it difficult to accommodate all. As a result, a few enthusiastic Gurgaon participants took the prelims sitting on the floor. The prelims had teams scoring as high as 21 out of a possible 25.
The finals saw some roller coaster action with none of the teams being able to establish their supremacy till the last round. The last round was evenly poised between 4 teams. With one team stumbling at identifying the Fin. Mins in the Gandhi parivar, the top two teams were decided on the last question. Identifying Meat One franchise owners in Karachi proved to be a tall ask for the preliminary round topping team, who decided on their options by tossing a coin. Neither the luck favoured them nor did the scoresheet.

My prediction- Will not be surprised if the top two teams will be competing neck and neck again for the winners spot.

Some questions from the quiz:

1. P’9981 smartphone was launched in India last week for Rs. 1.3 lakh. It was launched in partnership with?

2. Excerpt from a 1987 Budget speech by Rajiv Gandhi: “In looking for more revenue , I have to fall back on the ever dependable and reliable friend of Finance Ministries and the certified enemy of Health Ministries”.
What was he referring to?

3. Called ‘Little ________’ ice cubes, they were made using exact measurements of Sir _______ head and took four designers six weeks to make. These quirky developments are the airline’s way of drumming up publicity for its new upper class suites.
Who is this adventurous business magnate?

4. Which state owned Indian company’s motto: Yogakshemam Vahamyaham, is derived from the 9th chapter in the Bhagvad Gita where Krishna says- ‘I shall take care of the well being of my devotees’?

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