Agnel Talent Spectrum: Review

The Agnel Talent Spectrum Quiz 2012 was held in the huge and impressive auditorium of Father Agnel School. There were 14 schools that participated in the quiz that was organised as part of the ATS 2012. I must confess that the standard of participation exceeded my humble expectations by a mile. I think after writing the same statement in 4 of my last 7 reviews, its time I revise my expectations since children these days have become much smarter (and are dangerously close to being as smart as me 🙂 This time however we digressed from the usual way of conducting a quiz as instead of the usual prelims followed by finals format we played a game. With the central character Mr. Egghead, whose (mis)adventures will follow here in the blog as well as in our future shows, the game involved joining egghead in his quest to find his mother who had been kidnapped by the evil Lord Vulturemort. And all participants were seemingly excited about the prospect of playing the quiz disguised as a game. Mr Egghead First up in the game was Eagle Eye who looked like she was in a rather good mood. And in good mood she certainly was as 17 of her 25 riddles on offer were cracked by the smartest of the lot. Next was Capt. Hawk Sparrow. Kothari International and Sommerville Noida parried his riddles and went ahead of the pack as they gave a Nik Wallenda-esque performance. The home team quietly clawed back into the game as Kothari and Sommerville eased up a bit. Scores after the penultimate round: Kothari- 32, Sommerville- 24 and Father Agnel- 22 In the meeting with the Lord himself, Kothari faltered from the pole as their endeavour to pounce earlier than everybody else led to their slip to second place. Sommerville got their act together as their knowledge of India’s acting presidents proved just about enough for them to take the top platform at the podium. In the end it was the perfectly executed strategy of Sommerville that got them 10 points clear of Kothari who peaked too early and couldn’t build on the foundation they had laid earlier. Final scores- Sommerville-36, Kothari- 26 and Father Agnel- 22 Some questions from the quiz: 1. The pic. shows Toyota F1 promoting The Dark Knight. Which F1 team promoted its sequel The Dark Knight Rises in Silverstone 2012? 2. The _______: India needs a reboot. Is Manmohan Singh up to the job? The _______: America needs a reboot. He promised hope and change. Can his lofty rhetoric carry him home again? Fill in the blanks. 3. This is LIFE magazine’s issue that featured the Fight of the Century between Joe Frazier and Mohd. Ali. Which famous singer and actor guaranteed his ringside seat by agreeing to photograph the bout for LIFE magazine? Life Magazine 4. Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanams, the body that manages the temples in and around the temple city of Tirupati, gets a large part of its revenue by selling a body part. Which part? Follow Me on Pinterest