Severe Nailing at I FAQ

Being peace loving but hate instigating quizmasters (ask our participants), switching between the days of staging I FAQ (from a Thursday to a Sunday and soon to change again) was merely to ensure no clashing with the surprise protests of the Annas and Ramdevs. But surprisingly, they aligned their thoughts with us i.e. enjoying an extended weekend at a pub quiz at De Villa, nonchalantly protesting their way through our theme of FASHIONABLE ANSHANS, a pub quiz on fashion an protests.

Light rains might have been a dampener but the evening soon ensued by making the tough 3 story climb into the archaeology infested area of the city. With team names staging tributes to the recently retired VVS Laxman such as “281 not out” to “Jetlagged” Europeans, who played strategically to win the Quiz Bingo, inspite of their domestic handicap and much to the rage of others.

For the first time, all teams but one had their sheet torn in the Quiz Bingo, granting the quiz to the last man standing and it was a watchful sight. Falling short by one or two answers, expectation in their eyes and sadism in mine, the excitement generated can only be surpassed when I tear sheets again at the next pub quiz for which you all shall be updated shortly.
Next was “Show me the Honey”, a round of ‘freebees’ with me driving everyone insane with clarifications, options, multiple answers and some more clarifications. Guess the level of quizzing is going down in this country *sheesh*. Head gleaming more than the face, I went about reflecting retorts about my “Bald Particle” towards the questions, trying ultra hard to show them the honey in winning the beer bucket. The make or break round shattered the dreams of “CHEY”, who inspite of their outnumbering think tank, got nailed at the very first edition of I FAQ by a mere point to “Baazigar O’ Baazigar”.

A fitting end to the evening, for one half of the quiz was fashion and majority of the winning team were nerdy birds.
P.S – Theme suggestions are welcome for we fare better at customisation than a baker does with his dozen!

Final scores: Baazigar O’ Baazigar – 18 || Chey – 17 || Vakil – 12

Some questions from the quiz:

1. What is common to-
– Daughter of a farmer
– Son of a DTC bus driver
– Son of a school teacher
– Daughter of a Doctor
– Son of a retired deputy general manager of an airlines
– A retired Subedar in the army

2. According to the Miss World Organisation, the contenders are judged for their __X__ __Y skills which are in demand these days to climb the ladder of success. XY?

3. The following have played the role of a comic character. Identify them/character