Thursday Trivia 16.0: A review

A packed house with teams scrambling for tables and the QM jostling for space sure gives away our marketing potential but… wait for it… there was more. Plagued by the absence of a projector and few of the regulars, ensured new winners and fans. With mind boggling team names like “Tormenting Thumbelinas” to the uber clichéd “Why this Kolaveri D”, the participants left “No Turn Unstoned”. And in the presence of quizzing aficionados, you really cannot misuse wireless technology for answers.

This was the gist of Thursday Trivia 16.0…. NOT. I really want the entire blog to be read! The Month That Wasn’t, a spoof on pub quizzes, generated quite an aura, pre as well as post. Coming in expectation of Scary Movie’s Carmen Electra video, patrons had to make do with our trademark Padma Lakshmi “foot”-age. We did see a lot beyond those feet! And obviously, the Ugly Betty theme song brought forward wisecracks aimed at the QM’s fetish for metal (read braces). Cricketing anomalies to Playboy bunnies, Cartoon Network nostalgia to Blow Jobs, making the Vitruvian Dude fire his butlers’ butler, I spoofed and goofed up my way through the thick and thin with the crowd not getting my jokes as usual. No one trusts a guy with braces. Sheesh! Well, scream all you want, for in space or at my pub quiz, there is nothing pulling you down. And that’s a fact too! As the quiz progressed, I gladly feasted on the patrons who tried to subdue me through loud mouthing. Well, you cannot blame them; they were trying to “Bring (about) A Change” and change they did. Old enough to screw other things, they screwed the colour from the LCD screen!! Attached below are a few questions that drew an applause. Hope we instigate a similar reaction from you. Answers are not mentioned. Please write in to us with them at [email protected]/post them on our facebook page “QryptiQ”/tweet it out @teamqryptiq. Until then, as I sit back, eating a pineapple and listening to Didi by Khaled, I question myself Why do I write this blog? Why always me?? Till Thursday, the 29th of Dec, 2011 Keep quizzing. It is the biggest spoof on the planet after Sunny Leone. Cheers!! Some questions from the quiz- 1. Fill in the blank. A QryptiQ clue is in the picture itself! 2. Identify the movie? 3. ‘Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc’ translated as ‘We gladly feast on those who would subdue us’ is the motto of which famous family?