Thursday Trivia 15.0: A review

Friday, October 28, 2011, a day of surprises, pleasant and otherwise: Thursday Trivia happened got cancelled! Our projector lost colour! Quiz Bingo came down to 2 teams! Team Vakil lost! An all girls’ team WON! A semi-drunk maiden fell through the false ceiling! YES! Metallica’s stage being broken wasn’t the only trending topic on twitter. We had others in wait to set it on fire. Bozo’s, as the women called themselves (even a superwoman) made all else bite the dust with skill and patience(read: waiting for everyone else to get their sheets torn). Festive Spirits, a “spirited” pub quiz on festivals was the theme of Thursday Trivia 15.0 and spirits were showered on all, so was a woman who fell of the fire escape that oxymoronically went up! From Porn Stars to Six Appeal, Wolfgang to Thambis, questions and accents were thrown around like Diwali bombs. Adding to the festive season, prizes were doubled, much to the delight of the winners. A day of technical glitches, we lost our projector to poor maintenance and had to make do with black and white display that reminded us of the time when mythology happened or Chuck Norris(we prefer originals) was in school. But the questions more than made up for the delay with Quiz Bingo ripping everyone apart but two teams, with the bar coming down to 6 correct answers. Bhai Dooj (and dont’s!) incidentally on the same day, was no deterrent with many turning up with their pretty sisters for free drinks. present, Thursday Trivia, Metallica or no Metallica, had taken off, even on a Friday! in the words of James Hetfield, “when Thursday Trivia is on, Nothing Else Matters!” Till next time i.e. November 24th 2011 Keep up the high spirits and subsequently, the spirited high! P.S- if John’s mother has 4 children, April, May and June, then the fourth is NOT OBVIOUSLY July! Some questions from the quiz- 1. What’s written on the helmet? 2. Fill in the blanks.