ITC Pub Quizzes- Delhi 3/4

This is Part 3 of the 4 part review of the ITC Pub quizzes held in 4 cities across the country. In Part 1, we covered Kolkata. In Part 2, Pune. Today we cover Delhi, South Delhi to be precise. Here goes.

March kept Delhi ‘Beer’ Belly lovers at the edge of their seats and a sip away from their lip (not really, they drank nonetheless). Keeping aside cancellations and the customary technical glitches (customary because no pub expects a guy with a microphone to fire questions at their patrons dressed in their very best and get away with it successfully), infinite experiences were created through the 4 quizzes took place in the last week of March.
Tryst in Saket (March 24th) was a difficult venue to conduct a quiz with the screen being in the smaller of the two lounges the venue comprised of. With beer to play for, Delhiites got off to their best start at attacking the alcohol rather than the questions which delayed things a bit. Explanations were repeated patiently (Delhiites drink and turn blonde) and questions ran sparingly. But overall, a good start to the ‘Infinite Experiences’ month of quizzing. A group of 4 football fans nailed it on a football trivia question, winning themselves a bucket and a happy evening ahead.

Cafe Oz in GK-1 (March 28th) was a relatively smaller place to conduct a quiz and a weekday did not make things any better, considering we were in a market as dead as GK-1 (Yes, Saket is way cooler). We started post 930 and ended it soon with just a few questions between the 4 contesting tables. Middle class geography, science, and a bit of Delhi knowledge got the winning team through to their bucket which they gladly mixed with the LIIT and whisky they were devouring.
Mocha in Vasant Kunj (March 29th) was the first pre-sunset pub quiz for us and it was enthralling how early Delhiites can start drinking. A brilliant atmosphere with low seating colourful and dim lighting added to the mesmerizing effect that we usually, rather perpetually, have on our audience. A Friday evening helped in the attention, for the stress of Delhi weekday traffic showed on their faces. A good relaxed quiz with a group of college kids winning it through their knowledge of Delhi began the weekend on a gratifying note.
Infinite Experiences ended its quizzing month at Club Czar in Saket (March 30th). A dimly lit place with the best dressed people in Delhi out to get high on a Saturday evening is not really the best place for a pub quiz but we managed to break the ice here too. An impatient DJ wanting his sound space back added to the glamour of it all. To top it all, a woman confidently answering a cricket question and winning it all was the icing on the cake. All was forgiven!
A great quizzing month across the country sent the cash registers ringing at many a tavern. Look out for Infinite Experiences Season 2, for this time it shall be bigger, better and full of your poison of choice as ever.


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