Teachers from UPES Hold Their Nerves to Win Pragati Women’s Quiz

We wrapped our financial year at Le Meridien, Delhi with Pragati 2017, a women-centric quiz that, as an extension to the theme of the conference (Celebrating Achievements of Women), deliberated the contemporary role of the women in today’s corporate world. Through such an engagement, we managed to highlight some of the many distinguished women in their domains and apprise those that are gradually being accepted as ‘Superwomen’ in the eyes of society.

After fascinating dialogues on breaking perceptions, we began the mind-boggling (read thought-provoking) quiz. Some things, however, never change. We may mature to be corporate heads but the fear of a quiz always remains, the desire to peer over our neighbours’ sheet (or in this day and age, cheat with Duck Duck Go Google) is very much alive. Surprisingly and wittingly so, the Quizmaster Ajay Poonia managed to put that point across without acting like that strict teacher all of us have faced in school.
The preliminary round comprised 25 questions with the top 4 teams heading directly into the finals. The next 2 lots of 6 teams each competed in 2 Semi FInals of 6 teams each for the remaining 2 slots in the final. The Semi Finals saw an amazing display of quizzing prowess (and some timely recollection), with teams from Maruti Suzuki and RINL sailing through to the Finals to join their counterparts from Indian Oil, RBI, Powergrid, and University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun.
From then on, the teams negotiated through the twists-and-turns of Infinite Bounce, Cluetopia, Take Your Pick, and Who Dares Wins. All teams had a bumpy ride, leading at one stage, and losing the lead in the other. But the team from UPES, Dehradun had different plans. Playing slow and steady, and taking calculated risks, it led consistently. The last round, Who Dares Wins, along with the entire competition, came down to the wire and the last 3 questions. The risk taker stood to be crowned champion, which definitely sounds better than 2nd, or even 1st runner-up. 2 questions later RBI had gained and lost the lead over the leaders, UPES.
The final question, to identify the lady on the screen. The equation- If UPES answers correctly, it emerges victorious. If it falters, it relinquishes the title to RBI. UPES rings the buzzer, and answers, Lalitha Kumaramangalam, the Chairperson of the National Commission for Women. The crowd holds its breath, the Quizmaster does not flinch with emotion, and 2nd placed RBI desperately hopes for an error. But all these emotions are in vain. UPES are ecstatic, they know they have made it home. Their hands go up in unison. It is over. UPES are Pragati 2017 champions! A well fought battle that went down to the wire and ensured that the best team won.
The quiz, and by its extension, Pragati 2017 is more than a mere celebration of knowledge, the reasoning, the logic, and the derivative thought involved. Contributing towards a platform that celebrates Womanhood, evaluates their challenges, and presents their side of the story goes a long way towards breaking perceptions that come with being a woman and galvanizing the opportunities available to them. May we see similar ventures in the coming times.
Until next time 🙂
Highlights from the quiz-
1. RBI lead the quiz with 2 questions to go and then on the next question they hit the buzzer to answer incorrectly and go down to 2nd place again trailing UPES. Their rise to the top like a budget airline at a small airport, a quick touch and go.
2. Then, UPES taking a risk on the final question. And when the risk paid off, they were crowned deserving winners.
3. MSIL’s Sarojini Nagar-like bargain for points on more than one occasion during the final. The two members even swapped their seats hoping for a change in fortune.

Final scores:
UPES, Dehradun – 66
RBI – 49
RINL – 40

Some questions from the quiz- (Answer them in the comments)
1. In September 1998, the month that Google was incorporated, Larry Page and Sergey Brin set up office in Susan Wojcicki’s garage in Menlo Park. She became Google’s first marketing manager in 1999. Since February 2014, she has been the CEO of what? In 2015, she was called “the most important person in advertising“.
2. United Nations Foundation’s Council of Women World Leaders’ mission is to mobilize the highest-level women leaders globally for collective action on issues of critical importance to women. In December 2016, they announced a list of 7 new members. Which Indian did they name, making her the only Indian in the list of members?
3. Till date, there have been only 2 women External Affairs Ministers.
X – From 1967-69 and then in 1984
Sushma Swaraj – Since 2014.
Solve for X.
4. Until Giorgio Boscolo in August 2010, there had never been a single woman in this highly regarded profession in Italy. It requires 400-hours of training, mentoring, exams and assurance of a large wage. Which profession?
5. Recognized by KVIC, it was started in 1959 with 7 lady members with a borrowed sum of Rs. 80/- at Girgaum. Production work starts at early hours in the morning i.e. 4.30 a.m. Every branch is headed by a Sanchalika to see the production of the branch. It’s president is Swati R. Paradkar. Name the organization.

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