CBSE Heritage India Quiz 2019 Review

After successfully negotiating the challenge of the online quiz, 16 school teams made their way to Delhi for the Semifinals and National Final of CBSE Heritage India Quiz 2019.

In the first semifinal, it was an easy outing for Sunbeam School, Lahartara-Varanasi as they led from the beginning and gave no chance to any of the other teams to even challenge their supremacy. Final Scores: Sunbeam Lahartara – 77, SR International, Bareilly – 44, Sandipani School, Katol Bypass, Nagpur – 25 and Pinewood School, Saharanpur – -5.

The second semifinal however was a fairly close contest as the two teams from Delhi gave a tough fight to Ranchi only to run out of steam by the end of it all. Final Scores: Sarla Birla, Ranchi – 45, Amity Pushp Vihar, Delhi – 33, Mount Abu, Delhi – 27 and Rashtrotthana Vidya Kendra, Devangere – 17.

The third semifinal was a familiar level of competition for Krishna Public School, Raipur for they were in the national final last year. It was an experience that showed as they qualified yet again comfortably for the final, although KMB Thrissur would argue my usage of the word ‘comfortably’. Final Scores: Krishna Public School, Raipur – 56, KMB Vidya Mandir, Thrissur – 40, DAV, Sec-49, Gurugram – 40 and Gyan Vihar, Jaipur – 22.

And in the last semifinal, a team from northeast was unable to turn up but that meant Jawaharlal Nehru School, Bhopal received no resistance enroute their march to the final. Final Scores: JLN School, Bhopal – 23, AV Public School, Fazilka – 10 and Subbiah Central School, Tiruppur: 5

Now, finally, in the National final, a competition that was expected to live up to the billing couldn’t quite do so as a team that had most of their evenings not spent with friends, not enjoyed hanging out at the movies but instead laboured with preparation came to fruition. Sunbeam School, Lahartara-Varanasi led the quiz right from the start to light the flame of their school in this prestigious competition. From their television screens, last year, they saw their friends at Sunbeam School, Bhagwanpur winning the national final but this year, they decided to prove themselves to be a battle ready team. With a knack of remembering minute details. Flying sparks of vague memories. The little nuggets that nobody bothered about. All for these everlasting moments. A thorough entertainment, thank you Sunbeam and all the other finalists for that. Final Scores: Sunbeam, Lahartara-Varanasi – 80, Jawaharlal Nehru School, Bhopal – 32, Krishna Public School, Raipur – 30 and Sarla Birla, Ranchi (who were much better than what the final score suggests) – 00.

You can watch the national final here

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