PCRA Presents Saksham Quiz 2020 – A Review (and episodes)

The final segment of the 2020 season of PCRA presents Saksham Quiz brought its own set of challenges. The problem statement being: As opposed to earlier seasons, where teams from a zone underwent an off-camera written round to identify the 4 teams that participated in the camera round, this year we wanted to have all the state winners compete in front of the camera. Some of these zones had odd numbered state teams, and if that wasn’t enough – during the campaign Article 370 abrogation happened!

And so there were 3 challenges-
1. Create a format where all teams get a chance to be on stage, 2. Give enough opportunities for a deserving team(s) to shine through, and 3. The quiz still had to look like a TV show with exciting format and rounds.
We did what we did, watch the episodes below to see how the impossible trinity was balanced. (If you have any suggestions of what could have been tweaked, please let us know)

And so, a big thank you to PCRA and Doordarshan for having us host the quizzes and kudos to the Doordarshan Kendras in Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata who handled the production with absolute perfection even though they were hosting the Saksham quizzes for the very first time.

Saksham Quiz West Zone Final
Saksham Quiz South Zone Final
Saksham Quiz East Zone Final
Saksham Quiz North Zone Final
Saksham Quiz National Final

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