JIMS Rohini (Delhi) is back with its Annual IT Quizzing Extravaganza

Quizmaster Ajay Poonia will be conducting an Inter College IT Quiz on 5th Feb in JIMS, Rohini, Delhi. Prizes worth 30,000. Details in the attached poster and here.

Some teaser questions. Try to answer in the comments-

  1. Erythema ab igne is a medical condition that causes the change of pigmentation of the skin to darker colours. In older times, people who worked near fires were affected by this. However, in the recent times, cases of this condition have been seen on thighs thanks to the frequent use of a necessity – thus giving EAI a more popular name – _____ Induced Erythema ab igne. Fill in the blank.
  2. “Because you can’t see the person who is sending, you are sometimes uncertain whether they are serious or joking.” This is from a Carnegie Mellon Bulletin board from 1982. These lines were part of the decision to bring in something that is ubiquitous today. What?
  3. Lead designer Brendan Greene, was living in Brazil for a few years as a photographer, graphic designer, and web designer, and played video games such as Delta Force: Black Hawk Down and America’s Army, he was inspired by the Hunger Games films and The Battle Royale film to create what gaming sensation?


Podium positions-

First: Campus Law Centre, Delhi

Second: IIFT, Delhi

Third: NSIT, Delhi

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