This Blogpost Wasn’t Planned

Not one bit. I was just sitting in my favourite corner of the house and I was reminded of the fabulous time that we had in 2012. So, here is a quick review of the amazing 2012 AD.

We started the year as a company that conducted quizzes for schools, colleges and corporates and finished the year as a knowledge games company. What I mean by saying knowledge games is that we conceptualized and executed informative, entertaining and engaging games that
1. Teach higher order skills like strategic thinking and interpretative analysis
2. Build communities and teams
3. Inculcate a culture of learning

Thus beyond just hosting quizzes we also built customized software for hosting live Sudoku competitions, spelling bees and other games. We are currently building a software to provide a unique platform for quizzers to engage in their ‘trivial pursuit’. More on that later.

We would not have made this transition had we not embraced technology. We used technology to create efficient, visually appealing and user friendly games for our clients. And over the next few months we look forward to stretch the limits of our imagination to create more such games that leave a long lasting impression in the minds of our clients/users.

Speaking of clients, there is absolutely no way we would have had such a wonderful time had it not been for our smart and hard-working clients and strategic partners. We would like to recognize and thank:
HERO MotoCorp- For the meticulous planning behind Megamind, the in-house quiz that spanned three quarters and the four establishments of Hero in North India, that allowed us enough time to interact with their employees and identify their strong suit and weaknesses and subsequently customise our quizzes.
Scindia School- For the in-depth understanding of the learning mechanism of children’s’ mind. Such expansive analysis also helped us in putting some intelligence in executing some of the games that we did.
AIMA- Support when received from the apex management body of the country really helps boost confidence in our abilities.
Quizzing groups, clubs and companies across the country who helped us in reaching out to the corners of this vast nation- This growth wouldn’t have been possible without your contribution and strategic inputs.
Mentioning only a few names doesn’t take away how much we value the support that we’ve received from the rest of our clients. Thank you for instilling your faith in us, we eagerly look forward to partnering with you again in future.
And of course we owe much of the success this year to the press coverage we were fortunate enough to receive for our shows.

All of the above listed factors enabled us to create fantastic experiences for our clients/users. We hope to build on what we’ve learnt over the years as we create many more amazing experiences for our clients/users in 2013.