Smriti- The general Quiz, KMC

Smriti- The general quiz organized by the Economics Society of Kirorimal College, Delhi University received a monstrous response with 71 teams participating in the prelims. As is the case generally in QryptiQ’s quizzes 6 teams were selected for the finals. The final from the very beginning was a lopsided affair with the Delhi University veterans Brothers of Bhatta [Arya and M.I.T.] running away with the quiz from start to finish. Truly a Grand Chelem performance it was. They topped the prelims, led the quiz from the first round and ended it as numero uno as well. As for the others, the silent assassins team 3 [Anagh and Wasi-don’t know what college they were from] kept ‘nurdling’ the leaders but never were the Brothers of Bhatta in a spot of bother. I just loved the way the two teams quietly waited for me to finish the question, with a smile on their faces every time I hoped the ongoing question would transmit over their heads. And more often than not I was proved wrong as they kept answering with ease. Team 1[CBS] after giving a few team scored heavily in the stage 2 LVC where they missed out and could never really bounce back from that disappointment. Team 5 [St. Stephens] seemed more like a trivia loving team since whenever they had to work out the answer the word ‘pass’ was on the tip of their tongues. Team 4 [CBS] they got some they missed some and as a result they ended up coming third behind Brothers of Bhatta and Team 3. And finally team 2, guys if you’re reading this I would love to see you in more quizzes, you added a lot of humour to this quiz. They were a team of extremes, when their switch was off they had no issues in publicly choosing to flaunt their ignorance [sample this for an answer- “is the answer err….”period] and when switched on they gave some mighty impressive answers.

So eventually the quiz had many shades, lots of emotions, lots of humour, and some glorious answers and just about everything you expect a quiz to be, late start and technical glitches included:)

Final scores in descending order- 59[team 6], 39[team 3] and 22[team 4]