Preparation for CBSE Heritage India Quiz

Every year, I host the CBSE Heritage India Quiz. (Watch the videos) And every year, I have teachers and students (and even parents!) asking the question “How do we prepare?”. Well, till now, I would just casually shrug my shoulder and be all “Even I don’t know”. As one can imagine that answer didn’t help much (Thus, all my online profiles say “Thank god I only ask questions” 🙂 ) With India being a nation of rich heritage and diversity, the task of students preparing for it is as difficult as it is easy for me to set questions. And so, I have decided to do something that helps schools prepare their students. Nothing fancy, just an Online Heritage Quiz Series. Something like this – Heritage Quiz Sample. Here’s how it will work

  • Every 2-3 days, a new link for this quiz will be made live. The quiz will be open for 3 days
  • Players will enter their name and e-mail id and start playing
  • 20 Questions will have to be answered within 15 minutes
  • 1 point for a correct answer. No negatives for a wrong answer
  • As soon as you submit your answers, you will receive your score along with all the correct answers and additional info about each question along with a few ideas about how answers could have been derived from the given clues
  • After 2-3 days, along with the new quiz you will receive all the previous edition’s questions and answers in a pdf as a study material
  • Don’t be evil. Don’t google. This is not a competition. Cheating while preparing makes no sense.
  • The quiz sets are available for download.

Please note: Schools can subscribe by writing to [email protected] and help their students (the team for this year and 4-5 students who the school would like to groom for next year) to prepare for the various India based quizzes.


  1. Hlo I am prisha, a school student and is participating in this heritage quiz. Sir/mam I just wanna, know the topic of quiz

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