MCGS Workshop- A review

Facebook Wall

Friday was an early start. So what if we had a quiz the previous night! A quizzing company has to what a quizzing company has to do. The Shatabdi soared out of Delhi for the princely city of Ajmer
where a weekend, with giggly 16 year olds ready to pull out our hair, awaited us.

True to human nature, presumptuous we were to the core. And we were proven wrong with the
overwhelming response we got right after the introductory session, held for the senior secondary
classes. Po-Baba, rather than QryptiQ, stole the show with his chivalry. Fun Labs 1.0 was on and

With an objective to share information in a new light, we ended up sharing a lot more. For students lucky
enough to miss their classes, a SPA treatment awaited them. SPA, as is the QryptiQ speciality, may
be deciphered as:

Utilizing this generations’ affection for social media, a Facebook wall was aptly set up to pen down
their interests, likes and posts. A vent if they got bored with our “talks”, it provided a brilliant
medium to publicly interact with all present. What followed was a LIVELY interactive session
between like-minded groups. Lively for in no world do women need to be taught to talk. Sharing was
followed by processing information and representation by visuals. The outcome- Ajay is a monkey.
So Ajay got back at me by creating a game: Hang Deshan but then MCGS women were too smart for
him. Deshan is still alive and Ajay is still a monkey.

Session 3 ensued, bringing out a new perspective of applying information, picking up where we left
off in Session 2, by introducing Rebuses and 6 degrees of separation. Connect and collate were key
words here and connect they did. From cow to 30 minutes and Donnatello to Po-Baba, the reservoir
, making them Quizmasters and using the aforementioned SPA
treatment to instigate a desired reaction from the audience. The feedback graphs soared and the
beautiful sash (the feather in Deshan’s cap) was awarded to Miss Po-Pular. Learning was of essence
over the workshop and learn we did, more from them than they did from us. True to our Bollywood
mentor, Mr. Phunsuk Wangdu, wherever knowledge existed, it was absorbed. The reaction to the farewell video turned out to be a little too emotional. The workshop was over. The teaser for the next
workshop had been previewed. Ajmer had seen its best for the weekend.