Quizzically Yours,

Content Development:
Qryptiq provides engaging content cherry picked to suit the needs of the client. Be it an app, website or any other platform, if you are looking for interesting/fruitful/challenging ways to engage your employees/students/users/members you've stumbled upon the correct door.
Online Educational Games:
We believe that online knowledge games can be used as a powerful alternative educational tool to get the point across in an intriguing and recollect-able manner. We have the technical know-how and resources to nurture an idea from the conceptualization stage to development and hosting of such games. Say hello@qryptiq.com to know more.
Corporate Quizzes: In-house corporate quizzes as part of offsite training programs, team building exercises or a purely recreational purpose.
Schools and Colleges: We, at QryptiQ, believe that education is a journey, not a destination. It is not giving the correct answer but the thinking process that goes behind it, which is responsible for shaping the mind of the child. It is the entire experience of taking a quiz, giving imperfect answers, correcting them and then striving to do better which is invaluable to an individual’s mental growth.