Interns Wanted: Again

null What do you think it takes to be a great Quizmaster? a. Moves like Jagger b. Abs like SRK c. Leadership qualities like Sunny Deol d. Patriotism like Rakesh Sharma e. Confidence like Nana If you think you’ve got all or none of the above, with ‘wah wah’s and ‘oh! Teri’s’ flying in from every corner of the flummoxed crowd, contestants staring at you with sheer awe and potential groupies in the audience, then consider the following. Seriously. Position(s): Creators of Contents* and Masters of quizzes Location: Anywhere in India, with a phone, skype and an Internet connection Qualifications: 1. Should be at least a Graduate. Or Post-Graduate. Or President. Or Prime Minister. Any and all of the above qualifications will do. 2. Must have conducted and created content for a quiz before. Job Description: QryptiQ is a ‘quizzing and knowledge services’ entity with service offerings for Corporates, Educational Institutions and Independent Organisations in both offline as well as online media. We are looking for passionate quizzers for researching and developing content as well as conducting quizzes for us. There are some things money can’t buy. Well, sure to say you won’t have that problem. Duration: Subject to the specific project it could vary from 4-6 weeks inclusive of travel time. * You still get time to go out your special friend, watch movies and flaunt your new found fame. Role: Ø Development of well researched content in line with the content guidelines provided Ø Producing top-quality content that engages readers on being provided with only a few seed thoughts Ø Travelling and conducting quizzes in schools/colleges/organisations Ø Daily reporting of the quizzes conducted Desired Skills: Ø Ability to ensure high quality, on-time completion of deliverables Ø Strong English language and presentation skills Ø Strong interpersonal and teamwork skills Ø Attention to detail, editing and quality Ø Passionate about quizzing and other forms of engaging and interactive content Ø Ability to adapt to new challenges in the form of content requirement for various TG, clients and platforms Ø Knowledge for Knowledge’s Sake: An intrinsic desire to read and dig out information from multiple disciplines If you think it’s you who we are talking about then write to us at [email protected] or drop us a line on our facebook page. *extra ‘s’ is only for effect