Cafe Meraki T20 Trivia Nights

This March Cafe Meraki will not only host live screenings of the ICC World T20 games but will also bump up the experience of its guests with T20 Trivia Nights on select match days. These quizzes are designed in a way that they don’t interfere with the guests enjoyment of watching the match. The pub quizzes will start at 7pm on the following match days- 16th March: England vs West Indies 18th March: South Africa vs England 22nd March: New Zealand vs Pakistan 28th March: South Africa vs Sri Lanka 31st March: Semi Final 2 T20MerakiPubQuiz Some (not so) FAQs- What is a trivia night/pub quiz? It’s a quiz in a pub. Don’t believe me? I lifted the definition from Wikipedia. Do you have any experience of hosting Pub Quizzes? Yes. A bit. What will happen in the Cafe Meraki T20 Trivia Nights? Guests will participate in teams. Each table of 3-5 persons will make a team. All answers have to be written on a sheet of paper handed over to teams. Every trivia night will have a total of 9 questions on cricket. 4 questions will be asked in each innings (During ad breaks at the end of overs 2-4, 7-9, 11-13 and 15-16). And a bonus question during the mid-innings break. What will be the format of the questions? The questions will be asked in an anti-match format. In this format it is not just important to give the right answer, but also that nobody else gives the same answer. And the team that scores the least runs, wins. A correct answer scores 1 run plus 1 run for every other team that gives the same answer. An incorrect/no answer receives a penalty of the highest score on that question + 1 run. The innings break question will have more than one correct answer, and for every correct answer that the teams give they subtract 1 run from their total score. The winner at the end of 9 questions will be the team with the least total runs. The two innings will also be divided into rounds for deciding winners (so if you want to leave early, you can leave after the 1st innings). Feel free to sledge other teams if you think they’re writing the same answer as you. So complicated??! Can you give an example? Assuming there are 6 teams playing. Q. Name a team that is playing at the ICC World T20 2016? A. Now there are 16 answers possible for this. If 2 teams write India, 3 teams write Pakistan and 1 team writes USA. India teams get 2 runs each, Pakistan teams get 3 runs each and USA team will get 4 runs (3 runs + 1 run penalty for a wrong answer) Is there any eligibility to participate? All are welcome. But some inclination towards the sport of cricket will help. If you need to brush up your knowledge, you can buy a T20 cricket quiz book that I wrote. So get your flags, bhopu and baje and head straight to Cafe Meraki. What will I get if I win? Well, to begin with, all participating teams will be welcomed with Dom Perignon some starters. And winners will get some absolut-ly cool prizes from Cafe Meraki. But if you’re U-25 and happen to win, you won’t win alcohol but green tea (antioxidants you see) Any entry fee? Nope. It’s free. See you there. For reservations, call: 09899745474