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With games, quizzes, technology and content built around knowledge sharing, its benefits can be leveraged in numerous powerful ways. We specialize in hosting quizzes, conducting knowledge workshops and building online quizzes that serve

  • Corporates – Organize online/offline quizzes for hiring interns/employees, Effective employee engagement programs with industry specific content to improve learning
  • Apps – Carefully crafted trivia based content for your app in English and various Indian languages, and marketing strategy to make your app popular in India
  • Colleges – Online quizzes for your college fest, Online general awareness module to make your students more placement ready and offline quizzes for recognition
  • Schools – Quiz workshops, Debating workshops and online quiz training modules

    For Schools-

    For schools we conduct fun and informative quizzes on various topics, conduct integrated knowledge workshops called Fun Labs.

    For Colleges-

    We conduct quizzes on a wide variety of topics as part of college festivals (inter-college & open-category) supported with online build up to the same in various formats. In bigger quiz fests we also conduct small filler quizzes like Show Me The Honey and Quiz Bingo whose all inclusive nature appeals to both; ‘quizzers’ as well as ‘non-quizzers’.


    For Corporates-

    We use knowledge sharing as an engagement tool for employee development and reinforcing advantage of working in a team. These platforms are customized in collaboration with key stakeholders. Our offerings include:

  • Intranet quizzes- Interactive quizzes in multimedia format to impart knowledge consistently that fits in productively to develop well informed leaders.
  • Quiz shows as Team building exercises- Conceiving and conducting quiz contests as an in-house training event for middle management, junior executives, trainees, distributors, agents and franchisees. The agenda for such a quiz is to enhance product knowledge, revisit company policies and strategies, discover new sources of talent, build community among employees (shared interests, practices), become more aware of ‘competition’ and build team spirit.
  • These endeavours help identify the core-strength and strong suit of each individual and all employees together as well as region-wise. As a result, this information will help understand the knowledge depth of participants and help in designing special training programs to fill in the gaps.
    The participants in these programs benefit as information is conveyed in crisp, efficacious and bilateral manner, ensuring loads of fun as well as a healthy spirit of competitiveness among all participants.
    We also design and produce informative brochures and booklets used by corporates for brand promotion particularly before and during mega national and international events (like the World Cup Football, Olympics etc) or product launches.


    For Gaming Companies/Apps-

    Trivia is vast field. Using trivia to connect with your TG and engage them in the field of knowledge is an unexplored opportunity. Creating subject specific trivia or “simple layman type questions yaar” we do it all. Call us now.

    Pub Quizzes-

    If you are driving at 100 kmph with the stereo volume at 30 and the rear doors locked how much water will your milkman add in 2 litres of milk? What colour is Lady Gaga’s hair? How do Big Boss Season 4 inmates better know ‘Pancho and Lefty’?

    These are a few of the bouncers that we will hurl at you at our pub quiz nights because we are just a little bit off-centre, nuts as our audience calls us.

    Three measures of booze, one of Chuck Norris and half a measure of self-depreciating humour. Blend them all together and what comes out is an exhilarating experience. Check in to one of our trivia nights and see for yourself. Head over to the facebook page for our schedule.