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We are a school that has no classrooms. A group of curious and inquisitive people are our classroom as well as playground.


A young, exuberant quizmaster and an avid quizzer, taking you from the answers to the questions and stimulating the thought process behind such answers is his forte. He showcases quizzing from an inclusive and stimulating perspective, rather than from an intellectual one. A quiz is a self-gratifying experience for him when the audience actually ponders over the answer rather than dismissing it as a useless fact or info, thus doing his bit towards the anti-rote learning school of thought.

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The smooth talker par extraordinaire, the man with the silver tongue, Deshan is the go-to person when it comes to convincing somebody, anybody as a matter of fact. Possessed with the‘Gift of the Gab’, he was an ardent debater in his university days. The baby-faced Deshan is a number cruncher and Philip Kotler all rolled into one.

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The moment you set eyes on this creature, you’ll think genius and you won’t be mistaken. Well-read and knowledgeable, he can give an informed opinion on almost anything. He’s our man Friday in those situations where we need 10 questions before you can count 10. The instigator of the QryptiQ signature “oohs and aah’s” from the crowd he’s a mischievous and happy-go-lucky guy, a sweet killer as he calls himself.

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