About us

In the earlier days, there was a saying “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM”. We strive to be the same for our industry. Our word is our bond. We are known for quality delivery and smooth execution of promise. Over the years, we have built everlasting relationships with over 100 domestic and international clients.
We are educators and entertainers using various platforms (web, apps, videos, books, live shows) for doing what we do. Here are some of the things that we do:
⦁ Hosting quiz shows
⦁ Conducting workshops
⦁ Building online quizzes for publications
⦁ Supporting international apps with localized content
⦁ Creating content in various languages
⦁ Translation services
⦁ Videos
⦁ We create these innovative learning ecosystems with the help of traditional and new media tools. We have a team of Quizmasters, Marketers, Content writers, Designers and Videographers who work with detailed precision to deliver “customer delight”. Augmenting our products with a healthy dose of humour and wit comes for free. As a consequence we give you a moment to remember, and make sure we have fun as well!!

Our People

We are a school that has no classrooms. A group of curious people is our classroom as well as playground.

Ajay Poonia

Co-Founder and Quizmaster
Mr. Poonia is a young, exuberant quizmaster and an avid quizzer too. Known for his wit and spontaneous humour, he is a known name in the Indian quizzing circuit. Keeping the participants and audiences hooked is what he strives for in his every show.

Ankit Anand

Chief Operating Officer
The backbone of the team. Whatever the job, whatever the time constraints, he gets it done.

Kushan Patel

Content Head & Quizmaster
Kushan has been tremendously passionate about Quizzing since past 20 years, and a Quiz Master since 10. He is the founder of Amdavad Quiz Club and Vadodara Quiz Club. First of their kind, Open Quiz Clubs of Gujarat. A known face in the school, college and corporate quizzing circuit, he has an acute proficiency in conducting all kinds of quizzes, be it a Business Quiz, a General Quiz, an India or a gamut of Culture (Music, Entertainment, Literature, Arts).

Others can be more talented but no one can outwork us!

We didn’t come into existence because there was a great demand for a quizzing company. We came because things could be better.

Committed Team

Customer Delight

100% Satisfaction